Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Volunteers tell stories on Asian Games

Guangzhou, August 2- City-wide participation has been always highlighting the Guangzhou Asian Games during the preparation period. On Sunday afternoon, the Guangzhou Asian Games Organising Committee (GAGOC) invited two local residents and three student volunteers to share their stories with the sporting gala.

The Guangzhou Asian Games Organising Committee invited two local residents and three student volunteers to share their stories with the sporting gala on August 1.
Local residents: passion for sports and expectation for Asian Games
Li Songhui, a fan of roller sports at his age of 56, is dubbed "King of artistic roller skating" among roller sports lovers in Guangzhou. He picked up the sport simply for body building six years ago, and now it has turned out to be the favourite of his life. He can walks up and down stairs and slopes, or even plays badminton, rope skipping and hula hooping while with his roller skating shoes on.
For roller sports, it is the first time that it became a competition sport in Asian Games history at the Guangzhou Asian Games, which also excites Li. Li has participated in a series of Asian Games-themed activities to promote the Guangzhou Asian Games.
"I want to be a torch bearer of the Guangzhou Asian Games," Li added.
Xie Diying, working at the culture station of Binjiang Street of Guangzhou's Haizhu Distrcit, is proud of being part of Guangzhou and takes her responsibility as a host in the city to welcome the Games as Mr Li does. She and other colleagues at the culture station are campaigning to improve public involvement in the 16th Asian Games through more that 20 cultural events like a cultural forum on Asian Games into communities, a singing contest and a fitness walking event.
Student volunteers: commitment and profession during preparation period
Ma Lanzi, a junior majoring in English translation from Sun Yat-sen University, is to offer volunteering services for international dignitaries during Games time. From her perspective, the job of reception is not simply defined by luxury cars or champagnes, but it requires more skills toface emergencies. Appreciations and applauds earned from international guests during the Chefs de Mission Seminar proves the expertise and professional performance of foreign affairs volunteers.
Zhou Chao, a leader of the Asian Games volunteer service station at Guangzhou's Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street, said volunteer services of high quality hang on intensive trainings and studies. His team drew a "Shangxiajiu service map" based on information collected on Xiguan culture, food and other public services while all of them still spare half an hour in training on a daily basis and conduct outdoor trainings every month. Now they know every corner of the Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street and can use English, Japanese and Korean for daily communications.
"I am learning a lot from the volunteering experience. It helps me enhance coordination and communication skills when working as a team. And more importantly, I am honoured to take up this job, in which I learn how to inspire people around me and join to cheer for the sporting gala," said Liang Huandi, a students from Guangdong University of Business, as she recalled her service at the Games One-year Countdown Ceremony as a spectator service volunteer.

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