Friday, January 14, 2011

Guangzhou Asian Games Mascot will be available tonight - the Asian Games mascot - the toy industry

2010 Asian GamesImage by gnastanaid via Flickr
28 8 pm the night all eyes will once again focus on asia guangzhou the 16th mascot will be a grand debut br br 25 guangzhou organizing committee meeting will be held in the media organizing committee propaganda department luojing jun mascot to the media details of the tortuous process of birth luo jingjun said the guangzhou organizing committee attaches great importance to the 16th mascot design production and distribution work from march 2007 through the community assembly expert evaluation orientation invitations concentrated four stage creation which lasted 13 months completed the collection of mascot work br br quot fuwa quot jury selection to participate br collection process in society as at june 30 2007 the organizing committee has received including china the united states germany canada australia singapore taiwan and hong kong eight countries and regions applicant works 812 which come from abroad and hong kong macao and taiwan regions works 11 then from beijing shanghai guangzhou and shenzhen the seven judges representing the fine arts design animation and other fields including two judges involved in the olympic mascot selection a jury will be selected to participate in shanghai world expo after two rounds of public discussion of the sea jury selection and deliberations the final vote from the 812 works selected 10 finalists recommended however entries in the 10 recommended the voting results are very scattered and did not produce work that is satisfactory to all br br therefore organizing committee had in november 2007 to 5 animation design agencies that offer targeted but the 42 works selected out of targeted solicitation of 2 sets of programs have not adopted unanimously on december 28 last year the guangzhou organizing committee executive committee meeting on the third executive committee recommended only one of the options for the mascot design concept br br 2008 1 month the organizing committee has organized including animation industry toy industry professionals young designers and front line professionals including academic experts the composition of the mascot design team created a close re creation early in april 52nd oca executive board formally approved the 16th asian games mascot br br mascots secret to the last 8 pm tonight the guangzhou asian games organizing committee will be in the baiyun international convention center century city grand launching ceremony held at the guangzhou asian games mascot the public can guangdong television southern television guangzhou live television witnessing the history of guangzhou asian games mascot available moment br br celebrations and cultural activities gagoc deputy minister he jiqing introduced until yesterday for reasons of confidentiality he does not know what the mascot br br the final product from the professional bodies br times reporter yang lin zou sweet correspondent subgroup vision even though the asian games mascot solicitation attracted wide response but the asian games organizing committee said the final design of the works came from professional groups and not a people 39 s creative inspiration but the team cooperation crystallization br br luo jingjun repeatedly stressed that quot the designers of the asian games is not a personal team mascot is a product of collective wisdom its main creative team from the animation industry toy industry experts there is a group of young cutting edge designers we did statistics the mascot of the assembly of the average age was 27 5 years old are most concerned about the mascot of this session most of vitality is that these young designers in addition we also invited a number of professional institutions teacher heard the asian games organizing committee of the leaders provincial and municipal officials of the many helpful comments therefore the guangzhou asian games mascot is a crystallization of collective wisdom the asia panellist organization commissioned the design team out quot

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