Friday, January 14, 2011

The local shoe Qi scolds a huge sum sponsor Asian Games be worth unworthy?

A sport logo of the 2010 South Asian GamesImage via Wikipedia
On November 23 Xun.When the television advertisement greatly creating again broadcast.Will the audience change Taiwan or go to the stool.Concealmently transplant advertisement to appear again in the movie.Will be also considered as a negative topic by the medium to stir-fry to make.But there is such anadvertisement.
You hide to also hide not to drop.It is athletics thing within athletics game sponsoradvertisement.Those logos(trademark) appear on the athlete’s clothing and material.Broadcast in the game inroll over to broadcast.Up to now.The athletics thing manufacturer sponsors to exercise a brigade.Early isn’t fresh marketing method.But this Guangzhou Asian Games still a concentration embody a kind of let people felling fresh phenomenon:Is several big local athletics thing”rob to note” foreign Asian Games delegation of manufacturer.The special subject writes a reporter building have how many persons wear Chinese merchandise?Ping Shu Yong presumably exceeds half first draw what reporter noticed and is opening a match the gunning match on the second day field.
Take part in man 10 meters spirit rifle personal game together with Zhu Qi Nan of aMongolia contestant.His coach sits to direct campaign on the chair of behind.Chinese the brand”Jordan”‘s trademark is very refreshing on T-shirt.And this coach chatted two.English of the other party isn’t that working.However he pretty and happily says.Knowing this is Chinese brand.Design pretty beautiful.Along with the carrying on of game.The foreign athlete who more and more wears China to sponsor brand is unveiled in succession.Korean men’s basketbal is most interesting.Have on one personal body three kinds of Chinese brands-the ball of 361 degrees take, the Hong star Er gram of the socks of sports shoes and gram.In addition to the socks are what oneselfs buy.All of clothes and shoe are Chinese business enterprises to sponsor.Chinese farmland path brigade head coach Ping Shu Yong also notices this.
The local shoe Qi scolds a huge sum sponsor Asian Games be worth unworthy? was written by: huanshengbb

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