Thursday, November 25, 2010

India confident of Kabaddi medals at Guangzhou Asian Games

Balwan Singh, Head Coach of the Indian National Kabaddi Team, recently accepted an interview from the Official Website of the 16th Asian Games.
Balwan Singh, Head Coach of the Indian National Kabaddi Team, is confident of winning medals at Guangzhou Asian Games.
Since Kabaddi entered the Asian Games in 1990 in Beijing, India has captured all five gold medals. During the interview, Mr Singh introduced the experience of Kabaddi training and pointed out advantages of playing Kabaddi.
Kabaddi promotion in Guangzhou
Mr Singh confessed that his mission in Guangzhou this time was to promote Kabaddi ahead of the Asian Games so that more people in China would get to know the sport. He said, "I came to Guangzhou in 2008 to promote the sport. And now it is the second time for me to come to Guangzhou to make more people familiar with the sport."
He explained the word "Kabaddi", which means a kind of voice from the athletes while playing it. "There may be different names for the sport in different places, but the rules are almost the same," said the coach with demonstration. "You see? It is easy to play. And when you say the word of 'Kabaddi', your lungs get strong, your stomach gets strong, and your heart gets strong."
Goals for the Guangzhou Asian Games
Speaking of the Asian Games in Guangzhou, Mr Singh indicated that he is very confident of the Indian National Team. "India is always good at Kabaddi. We won many medals before, and we will win again this time."
While being asked about the main opponents an the Games, the coach answered with a smile, "I think the main opponents will be Pakistan and Iran. Of course, Japan and Korea are strong competitors too."
Popularity of Kabaddi
Although China will not participate in Kabaddi during the Asian Games, Mr Singh believes that one day the sport will be popular in China.
"It is popular all over the world. And I think with right guidance and training, Chinese people will be interested in it sooner or later."
He also wished that the Asian Games would achieve great success and that athletes would enjoy the competitions in Guangzhou.
(Zeng Zheng)

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