Friday, November 12, 2010

Asian Games, a huge opportunity for Nepali cricket players By Punjita Pradhan

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Captain of the Nepalese National Cricket Team Paras Khadaka has said, he is eager and excited about the participation in the 16th South Asian Games to be held in Guangzhou, China.

In an interview with Xinhua here on Friday, Khadka said that the Nepali cricket team is enthusiastic about playing in the Asiad adding that they are looking forward to playing against test playing nations.

Khadka said that although cricket game has been introduced for the first time in the Asian Games, it will be an amazing experience for the cricket team to rub shoulders with the very best cricket test teams of the world.

When asked about the performance of his team, Khadka said that the team will focus on their strength and move game by game, adding that the competition is in itself a great opportunity.

"We have beaten test playing teams at U-19 level, so if we can repeat that, it would be unbelievable," he said.

Answering as to which team is the toughest competition for the Nepali Cricket Team, Khadka said, "All teams could be well prepared so, I cannot name any. We will be playing against the guns of cricket."

Khadka shared that the team's strategy will be to perform at their best, make through to the preliminary round after which the team will be battling against the popular teams, adding, "Our unity is our strength. If we play well as a unit, we can expect for better results."

"The Nepali team has so many good players and we are capable of pulling it out by remaining consistent."

The team will be leaving on November 19 to participate in the 16th Asian Games. Cricket in Nepal has shown a huge improvement after it won significant matches and is very close to participating in the World Cup.

Khadka is also the recipient of the National Sports of the Year (Male) Award.

Source: Xinhua

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