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Modern Pentathlon female rider fell off the horse was euthanized wake horse injuries

Modern Pentathlon at the Asian Games women's individual equestrian injured players fell off the horse race is awake, but her horse was euthanized because of his injuries ... ...
NetEase reported the Asian Games on Nov. 23:
Asian Games in Guangzhou this afternoon, the women's individual equestrian modern pentathlon competition, fell off the horse falls Galina Kazakhstan upper hand - the ancient Shen Na Dole is now waking up, according to the Guangzhou Asian Games venue staff of the Modern Pentathlon introduction, the news from the hospital, said Dole has awakened the ancient Shen Na, the current stable vital signs. >>>>>>Further reading [South Korean equestrian rider into the Asian Games in Doha, high-risk projects have fell off the horse died] [injured horse was euthanized meet international practice]
现代五项坠马女骑手苏醒 坐骑重伤被实施安乐死
Kazakhstan players unfortunately fell off the horse was rushed to hospital
Staff dealing with injured horses
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But her horse was not so lucky, because his injuries the horse has been euthanized.A staff member said, according to the scene, the horse fell to the ground cervical spine fracture, has no treatment value, negotiate with the horse owners, medical personnel on the horse euthanized. Xinhua correspondent, 16:10 or so, lying on the track side of this horse number D252 white horses have been covered fence around the block, it will end today after all the games away.
It is learned that the ancient Shen Na Dole used in the horse race, now 9 years old, had participated in one and a half years of training. The horses used in the Asian Games modern pentathlon is presented to the Hong Kong Jockey Club Equestrian Association of Guangdong Province and Guangzhou, a club from the training.
According to experts, Saimafuli supremacy, including denying the horse pain. If a horse appeared seriously injured and so can not be cured, it is necessary to consider euthanasia. This process is very strict, the President of the General Assembly convened Veterinary Veterinary Committee and other relevant personnel, repeated conduct consultations on the horse's condition; experts agreed, they still had the official approval of horse owners and managers agree that humanity finally started dying process.
During the competition, Lin Na - Na Dole has repeatedly encountered the ancient barrier applications, and has been charged over a horse, but in the end this time, in the riding over obstacles, the horse did not fully take off, and the horse hit the obstacle on. Dole Na dumped out of the ancient Shen, Head and Neck Department, fell heavily to the ground.
Her teammates see that fell off the horse scene, on the spot with tears.
Soon fell into a coma victim, was sent to the Guangdong Military District General Hospital.
Although the equestrian sport known as noble, but the competition at the Asian Games of the risk is higher with the project in a class. 4 years ago, the Doha Asian Games equestrian jumping event, South Korean equestrian athlete Kim enjoy a famous seven fell off the horse to death at 10th National Neimeng Ma player Zhang He is also the technical training in preparation accident occurred fell off the horse died.
Chinese star Chen Qian part in the race today also sacked twice, all due to a sudden halt before the horse jumps in the obstacles caused. The first of the Lok Ma very dangerous people off the edge of the horseshoe, but fortunately not injured Chen Qian. Qian Chen said after the game: "When I get on a horse when the horse was playing on the feeling." She also pointed out that the accident fell off the horse race in the modern pentathlon in the past have occurred, but 23 appears on track high frequency a little. Zhang Ye, another Chinese player, said: "No horse race, the feeling is not very good ride."
(This article Source: NetEase Asian Games) 程曦

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