Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Asian Games volunteers make a united and happy family

Guangzhou, November 23 - Among the huge squad of Asian Games volunteers, there is a special team who come all the way to Guangzhou from different parts of the country at their own expenses. Having the same dream, they join the "big family" of Asian Games volunteers and serve the Games with great enthusiasms and devotion.
As informed, these volunteers are assigned to serve at more than 30 Asian Games venues and are engaged in different services. Here are some touching stories of these volunteers and their teams to tell, and they show how they put their strength together as members of the big Asian Games volunteer family during their service.
Asian Games volunteers from Wuhan, Hubei Province pose in front of an Asian Games venue.
Asian Games volunteers from Wuhan, Hubei Province

Name: Zhu Wenying
From: Guangzhou
Post: Coordinator at Diving & Swimming Venues, Aoti Aquatics Centre
"For me, nothing is more cherishable than the experience of being an Asian Games volunteer."
When all the classmates are all busy preparing for the Test for National Civil Servants, Zhu Wenying, a senior from Chinese Department of Sun Yat-sen University, is calm and in no rush. She would rather give up the Test than devote to the Asian Games volunteering service.
Working as a coordinator at Diving & Swimming Venue of Aoti Aquatics Centre, Zhu is mainly responsible for maintaining the media order in the Mixed Zone, especially for keeping the journalists out of the Right Holding Broadcast Organisation Zone.
"It's a great challenge for me, because I'm a quite and soften-hearted person," added Zhu. Her British supervisor encouraged her to be tough and principled instead of being a person who tries to never say no. "Then I kept reminding myself to be sincere as well as principled at my work, and what I have done finally gained recognition."
"For me, participating in the volunteering service is a way to pursue the meaning of my life. As I give a helping hand to other people, I also feels very happy," she said.

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