Sunday, October 17, 2010

RP dragon boat team might miss Asiad

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MANILA, Philippines (Xinhua) – The Philippine Dragon Boat Team (PDBT) may not be able to join the Asian Games that will be held in Guangzhou, China in November due to time miscalculation during the time trial.
The country's paddlers passed the time standards with flying colors, surpassing the gold medal winning times set in Asian championships in the 200- and 500-meter events for the men's and women's team, according to
The STAR, on the other hand, reported that the men's team clocked in at 41.88 seconds in the 200 meters event. The 200-meter standard is 47.74 seconds. The team finished at 1:47.00 in the 500 meters event, the standard time of which is 1:55.07.
The women's team, meanwhile, posted 46.85 in the 200-meter trial and 1:58.38 in the 500-meter trial. The Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) has set a standard of 49.07 for the 200 meters and 2:06.85 for the 500 meters for the women paddlers.
The Philippine screening committee found the results in the time trial for the 1,000-meter event hard to believe, noting that the times the team gave them were just too fast. The head coach of the dragon boat team also admitted that they miscalculated the time in the 1,000 meter event.
Asiad screening committee member Clarito Samson, for his part, recommended to the team to undergo the time trial again.
"Our Philippine Dragon Boat Team is good, there is no question about it. In this sport, you can win a gold medal by a fraction of a second. Even in long distances, you cannot beat your opponent here by half the course. This is the Asian Games," said Samson.
The PDBT, on the other hand, is still ready to join the tournament.
"We are ready. This tournament is not only for us but for the country," said Usman Anterola, PDBT team captain.
The screening committee will decide on Monday if the team will be able to participate in Asia's biggest sporting event.
The PBDT has won several tournaments abroad. According to the Philippine Dragon Boat Federation's website, the country's paddlers won gold in the 200-meter Premier Mixed and 200-meter Premier Open events, and silver in the 500-meter Premier Open in the 9th World Dragon Boat Championship held in Prague in August 2009.

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