Tuesday, October 19, 2010

DPRK players ready for Guangzhou Asian Games

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The Olympic Committee officials of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) said the players of DPRK are ready for the Guangzhou Asian Games.

Yon Yong Bok, member of the DPRK Olympic Committee officials told Xinhua the DPRK players, about 200 in all, would arrive at Guangzhou in early November before the games. Now most of the players are lying fallow interiorly without warm-up training abroad.

The DPRK players will take part in more than 20 events including football, boxing, shooting, judo, gymnastics, weightlifting and so on. "They are ready to win honor for the motherland with high morale ," Yon said.

The DPRK are advantaged on the events such as football, weightlifting, gymnastics and shooting. There are numbers of good players on these events, he said.

The people of the DPRK are very concerned about the games while the party and government offered great help and convenience to the players in daily training and regular matches, he added.

The Guangzhou Asian Games is a rehearsal for the 2012 London Olympic Games and an opportunity to find and cultivate good players, he stressed.

The DPRK won six gold medals, nine silver medals and 16 bronze medals in the last Doha Asian Games in 2006.

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