Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday , 26 July 2010 Asian Games ban for vuvuzela

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MUMBAI: The 16th Asian Games in Guangzhou this November will be a vuvuzela-free zone, despite the fact that many of the plastic trumpets that provided the backdrop to the Fifa World Cup in South Africa this summer were made in China.

At the 2nd World Press Briefing for the 16th Asian Games at the Garden Hotel in Guangzhou on Thursday, the security department of organising committee GAGOC provided a list of restricted items in Games venues.

The list included no kind of demonstration or commercial, political, religious or racial propaganda, and also musical instruments including whistles, horns and drums.

When asked if the humble vuvuzela was classed as a musical instrument and would not be allowed into venues, particularly the football stadiums, a Gagoc spokesman confirmed this would be the case.

“It is very popular around the world, but no,” said the spokesman.

So Chinese fans hoping to cheer on their team to the monotonous beehive drone of the vuvuzela will be denied – and that could prove to be a blessing for broadcasters and other spectators alike.

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