Friday, July 23, 2010

Asian Games entry climbs to 7,987 athletes

22 Jul 2010, Guangzhou, China: The 2nd World Press Briefing for the 16th Asian Games informed the assembled media at the Garden Hotel on Thursday that the sports events programme had been finalised. The addition of three new events in women’s boxing (48-51kg, 56-60kg and 69-75kg) takes the final number of events to 476 in 42 sports. It is the first time women’s boxing will be held in the Asian Games, and is guaranteed to attract a lot of attention before it makes its Olympic Games debut in London 2012. 

Of the 42 sports, 28 were contested at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing and 14 are non-Olympic sports, including several that will make their Asian Games debut such as Twenty-20 cricket, dance sport and dragon boat. 

Asian Games organising committee GAGOC informed the media that, as of July 22, they had received entry-by-number forms from 32 of the 45 National Olympic Committees in Asia, with 7,987 athletes and around 4,500 technical officials. The deadline for entry by number is July 31, and for entry by name on September 30. Names can be changed after the September 30 deadline, however, in special circumstances such as injury. 

The Games open on November 12, and the first competition day (November 13) will offer 28 gold medals. The busiest days for gold medals will be the 14th day of competition with 48 and the fifth day with 39. There will be five gold medals on the final day, November 27. 

Of the 27 test events to be carried out, 15 have already been completed and the remaining 12 will be held before September.

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