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Electronic policing system of Asian Games’ intellectual traffic

The behavior is shot and collected evidence, the punishment that and make is such as toll gate, traffic or public security check point, parking area to the crossing, highway section or particular place control and manage the all-weather traffic, reduce violation of the rules and traffic accident, ensure the traffic to be safe and orderly and run, promote the Asian Games tournament to go on smoothly.
Systematic principle
Electronic police bury the change of the magnetic flux in coil of the stop line attachment through measuring, and then according to other parameter (if during staying in red light signal, drive in the wrong direction) of lane this ,Produce and touch off signals, take a picture to the vehicle in violation of rules and regulations, deal with the photo immediately through the data collecting card, transmit the data to the control center through the network through the front worker’s accusing of machine, and add the relevant parameter of crossing automatically to database violating the regulations. In the command centre, staff members manage the vehicle information of the database of data and vehicle violating the regulations to combine, pay and break rules and regulations the relevant work of dealing with etc..
The system requires
1,Low power dissipation, stability is strong
Adopt embeddedly and design, systematic low power dissipation, stability is strong, powerful, are installed, safeguarded conveniently.
2,The high clear vehicle picture takes a candid photograph
According to controlling the road conditions actually, what carried on the speed and broke rules and regulations collected evidence to manages and is checked to the vehicular traffic, high-resolution take a candid photograph picture is clear to reflect 24 hours such as vehicular traffic, incessant real-time information, carry on the all-weather real-time record continuously.
3,Measure the function
System can control, measure, monitor into the operation vehicle in the lane automatically while being all-weather, do not need special messenger to be on duty.
4,Transmit and store
Systematic compatibility is good, support here to store and the network to transmit. System can take a candid photograph the picture is stored here, can also upload in real time through the communication network breaking rules and regulations, realize control on front of system, management and safeguard long-rangely. And the compatible WINDOWS operating system is connected with printer.
5,Resist the abominable environment
Antidusting, antidetonation, resisting high-temperature high wet ability strongly, ensure the system to stabilize the safe operation under the abominable environment
The worker in North China accuses of electronic host computer advantages of police:
The system adopts the totally enclosed structure, the appearance is esthetic, adopt fan and design, if the fan dispelling the heat breaks down, the heat in the host computer can’t lead out in time, damage the host computer directly; Because the fan runs ceaselessly for a long time at the same time, it will be apt to bring moist aqueous vapor and dust into the host computer to run in the course, thus influence the stability of the host computer. The electronic police’s host computer that the worker in North China accused of icing the wing series does not have fan design plan to use in the complete machine scheme, the host computer has no noise while running, have offered the stable and reliable host computer for electronic schemes of police. Meanwhile, until the intersection of environment and the intersection of moist many dust,etc. and abominable problem faced to want because of plane outside the case definitely outdoors host computer this, keep the normal running of the host computer. Can still ensure working under nobody’s state on duty steadily incessantly for a long time.
The worker in North China accuses of the electronic police’s host computer because of Intel 945GSE chip group + ICH7M, Intel Atom N270 processor of year of the board, the memory can support 2GB DDR 400/533MHz memory to the greatest extent. Support DVI, VGA to show and export, has interface of 2 coms, interface of 2 USBs, a network interface, dispose a PCI slot, can expand and connect 2 PCI apparatuses to the greatest extent. Possess advantage of one grade of properties of product of stable and reliable industry.
The system offers two groups of PCI slots, can connect two videos and gather the card. Can connect the panoramic cameras of No. one, three groups of features camera to gather the card each video, it is and each one group in the east west trend to run N-S, meet the control demand of the single crossroad. The data picture of IP camera is transmitted to the engineering of North China and accused of the electronic police’s host computer in real time through the network, realize information controls and feedbacks and deals with the server centre. Run and accuse of the intellectual procedure on the host computer in North China engineering and measure one bunch of signals in traffic light testing signal and vehicle received through analyzing, judge whether the vehicle runs a red light, whether overspeed, drives in the wrong direction and goes. If the vehicle breaks rules and regulations, takes a picture to the vehicle violating the regulations in real time and collects evidence.
And the worker in North China accuses of the integrated VGA and DVI interface of the electronic police’s host computer, can connect two sets of interfaces to reveal the device at the same time, help technical staff and system administrative staff maintain and discern the system. A network interface, can realize the real-time data transmission of data and back control central server. Dispose a CompactFlash card slot and card trough of a hard disk of 2.5 inch, can dispose the operating system of all kinds of customization easily, also can realize, keep in real-time data here under back the intersection of control and good state of communication of central server, have offered the hardware foundation for the fact that the system ran steadily safely.
Systematic block diagram

Appraise systematically
The worker in North China accuses of fully considering various abominable environments that may meet in the course that the monitoring system of the road traffic runs, rely on experience and consummate industry design on the main board of industry for many years, collect and ice the exclusive structure of wing, it has no fan to design that compact type, it is good to be scattered and hot, such advantages as the interface is enriched have remarkable behavior in electronic monitoring system industries of police. An electronic policeman’s host computer is selected to use in the Asian Games by system integration trader, use the electronic policing system of the Asian Games specialized passway, has gained the extensive concern of the intellectual traffic trade.

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