Saturday, November 13, 2010

TYC launches Bike Rally to protest China’s Asian Games

Photo: Norbu Wangyal/Phayul
Photo: Norbu Wangyal/Phayul
Dharamsala, November 12 : The largest pro Tibetan independence group of the Tibetan Diaspora launched a bike rally from Tsuklakhang here to Rajghat, (Mahatma Gandhi’s Memorial) in the Indian capital New Delhi to protest against China’s hosting of the Asian Games that opened Friday in Guangzhou. 

There are six bikes in this rally representing the six million Tibetans whose rights have been violated and that disqualifies China to have the moral right to host the Asian Games, said the President of the Tibetan Youth Congress, Tsewang Ringzin.

After lighting the ‘Freedom torch’, the President flagged off the rally held under the slogan: "Welcome Future: Future for Tibetan Youth, Youth for Independence". The Asian Games’ theme is “Welcome Future”.

TYC said, “In order to ensure stability in Asia, China must immediately stop its occupation of Tibet and recognize that Asia’s security and survival correlates strongly to the protection of environment in the world’s Third Pole, Tibet.”

China has “no moral right” to host an international sporting event which generally represents the spirit of friendship, solidarity and promotion of peace and freedom, said the organization in its press release.

"The slogan for the games 'Welcome Future' targeted at youth development and promising future is only appropriate if Tibet is free," TYC said, adding that the biggest obstacle for Tibetan youth development is the continued occupation of Tibet and, oppression and denial of fundamental rights of the Tibetan youth in their homeland.

As long as China, which TYC called the “biggest colonizer” in the world, does not free Tibet words such as peace, freedom and truth are plain rhetoric for the Chinese government.

The organization said it will email and fax the Chairman, Media Coordinator and the Marketing head of the games on this issue.
The Bike rally will reach Rajghat on Monday, November 15.

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