Friday, January 14, 2011

48 Asian Games, the team produced six to broadcasters and television signals have been finalized

november 4 games organizing committee radio and tv and media services said deputy minister of rentian hua games planning organization 48 make tv signal production team has identified six areas of basic rights holders broadcast business and began the cable television special network projects tender work in the future will provide special network cable through the in about 40 road race live it is understood that the games tv institution asian broadcasting limited gab since its inception in december last year the games has been initially completed the initial production of television signals the overall plan planning organizations the production team of 48 production of television signals and in may this year with the central tv station 22 television stations and other domestic contract identified 46 broadcast television production team as the first public signal of international production team games organizing radio and television and media services speech deputy minister ren tianhua present guangzhou has identified six areas of basic rights holding broadcasters namely china central television cable tv hong kong china south korea 39 s mbc television station the middle east al jazeera the pan asia south east asia south asia central asia asia pacific broadcasting union the indian sub continent region of zee tv currently also working with japan and taiwan to discuss a number of television stations is expected to be broadcast in these areas recently established institutions asian cable tv special network project tenders have been invited special network cable through the to be about 40 routes to provide live broadcast of the tournament 20 road commercial channel and 4 channel reserved for release its coverage area are guangdong olympic sports center media villages technical officer village olympic village organizing committee headquarters hotel asian games organizing committee command and control centre international broadcast centre ibc the main press centre mpc and so on guangzhou asian news service provider has been selected guangzhou asian games two suppliers will provide more than 10 000 athletes shall resume data background information and more than 10 000 race when the news article initially set canon nikon two companies for the guangzhou asian games photography service provider the formation of mpc professional imaging center who will provide free registration photographers camera repair shot rental and digital printing services new media services mobile platform development work has already started as long as the time of registration of media competition in the mobile client to install related software watch asian games live via phone on demand media transportation self positioning of information it is understood that the 16th asian games for the first time the world 39 s media in 2009 the general assembly on december 13 16 held in guangzhou congress guangzhou asian games organizing committee will introduce domestic and foreign media before the asian games tournament preparations progress and international media when the services provided the same time the guangzhou asian games organizing committee will also hear a media event will be the work of media services requirements and recommendations to further refine the media service and venue operation plans
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