Sunday, November 14, 2010

6,000 volunteers serve Asian Games Opening Ceremony

Guangzhou, November 14 - The Opening Ceremony of the Guangzhou Asian Games on Friday night (November 12) has caught the world's eyes. But it couldn't be so successful without the efforts of 6,000 Asian Games volunteers. ""The firework display is fantastic, but smiles of volunteers impress me more,"" said a spectator. After rounds of strict selections and painstaking trainings, volunteers are ready to devote themselves to the feast. 
Spectator Services Volunteers mainly serve spectators at the Opening Ceremony and they had to lead the spectators to their seats and answer their questions. Although they were close to the stage, they still remained at their post and they could not take a rest until performances ended. The cheer squad is a team to heat up the ceremony and most of them are students from universities and colleges, with shining smiles and an optimistic personality. They standing in the passages of spectator seatings undertook the job to usher spectators to cheer for exciting performances. Haixinsha Island shared Mexican Waves as volunteers inside the Haixinsha Square managed to keep the ceremony cheerful but ordered.

Meanwhile Games city volunteers outside the Haixinsha Square also tried their bits to serve. They provided directions and information that visitors and tourists needed.

Volunteers from other countries/regions also made their contributions to the ceremony, they will provide language and protocol services during the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. Liliya, a nineteen-year-old Russian student from Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou, said: ""I feel happy, because I've lived here for a long time and I can help Russian to know more about Chinese culture and custom.""

(Source: gz2010)

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