Saturday, June 26, 2010

ICBC Commences the Financial Services for Asian Games ——All's well in Ticket Sales

Being the only banking partner of the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games, recently ICBC kick-started the financial services for the Games as the event is drawing near. After all the arrangement and preparation, ICBC commenced the sales of Asian Games tickets on May 20 and offered fast, convenient and top services for anyone to buy the tickets. Statistics showed that as of Jun 17, nearly 18000 tickets were sold through the domestic 400 designated ICBC ticketing outlets and 3800 ticket orders have been successfully booked through Internet Banking. Total ticketing amount involved was 6.7 million yuan.
As related by the ICBC spokesperson, ICBC is beginning the first phase of selling the tickets for 68 matches with confirmed schedules involving 13 competition events including table tennis, badminton, track and field. General public may either logon official ticketing website to register and book the tickets online, or fill in the application in person (use valid identity document such as ID card) at any of the ICBC designated ticketing outlet. Once the payment for the ticket is approved, the buyer will be informed to bring along the confirmation letter and valid identity document to collect the ticket at the designated outlet on the date specified.
Since the next half of last year, ICBC started the full preparation for the ticketing service and stated out the steps and operation details of the ticketing sales plan in line with rules set out by the organizing committee. That included the promotion guidelines, equipment and devices, staff training, operational management, system connectivity, security and protection. Stress tests were carried out on critical steps and contingency plans were drawn up to ensure every step was in order. ICBC has laid down standard steps in selling Asian Games tickets by pining down every step to an optimum service portfolio. Before the sales of tickets taking place, ICBC organized numerous special trainings for the outlet managers and ticketing tellers who went through the drills to increase the efficiency in selling tickets.
To ticketing service, ICBC always takes customer experience as the top priority. Whoever wishes to buy Asian Games tickets can check out the details anytime through ICBC website, 95588 Telephone Banking, posters and display screens at the outlets. Ticket booking forms and event schedules are handy at the conspicuous locations of the ICBC ticketing outlets where each of them is clearly marked under Asian Games for customers to identify. Enough number of floor managers and staff are assigned to help the ticket buyers to go to the ticketing windows, fill in the booking form. Dedicated staffs are assigned to handle the sales. Besides, under the system of "President on-the-floor", managers of the key ticketing outlets are required to be present at the outlet hall to assist the customers should any query arises.
The ICBC spokesperson further related that Guangzhou Asian Games is another important international event this year. Best-quality, highly efficient and convenient financial services is an important element in successfully hosting the event, as well as a major time to display the capability of Chinese banks to render financial services and enhance the image. ICBC, the only banking partner of 16th Asian Games, will continue to leverage advantages in technology, staff and services to improve service standard, to fully support Asian Games with enthusiasm and offer all the top financial services.

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