Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Guangzhou Cracks Down on Prostitution, Gambling and Drugs

Representatives from Guangzhou entertainment establishments and the local hotel industry sign the agreement with the police on June 22, 2010, promising lawful operation during the upcoming Asian Games. [Photo: Information Times]

The Guangzhou Public Security Bureau indicated they will carry out undercover investigations to strengthen the recent crackdown on prostitution, gambling and drugs in entertainment places, Guangzhou Daily reported on Wednesday.
To guarantee public security during the Guangzhou Asian Games in November, the authorities there recently signed an agreement ensuring lawful operation with managers from hundreds of local entertainment establishments.
The authorities have also emphasized that prostitution, gambling and drugs are strictly prohibited and illegal businesses would be severely punished.
Luo Zhenghui, vice director of the Guangzhou Public Security Bureau, claims the police will conduct undercover investigations during the crackdown.
"Since Beijing's most famous night club and Chongqing's five star hotels were suspended, there is absolutely no room for prostitution, gambling and drugs in Guangzhou either," adds Luo Zhenghui.
After Chongqing officials launched a crackdown on gangs and prostitution last year, similar actions followed in other major cities through the country.
The Beijing police have raided thousands of entertainment venues, shutting down 35 establishments and detaining 1,132 people since May, according to Xinhua News Agency.
Police in Nanjing shut down three luxurious nightclubs earlier this month, according to the Nanjing-based "Modern Express."
Meanwhile, police in Guangzhou stormed Gege KTV, a prominent nightclub in the city. 600 people were taken away, and five were detained on suspicion of drug-related activities.
Thus far Guangzhou has investigated and dealt with 61 illegal entertainment businesses, 10 of which were involved in drugs and the rest in prostitution since the beginning of this year, according to deputy commander Liu Wenhuang.

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