Saturday, January 22, 2011

Our men finally land a medal in Abu Dhabi

GUANGZHOU, CHINA - NOVEMBER 25: Kensuke Nagai ...Image by Getty Images via @daylife
KUALA LUMPUR: The men’s trios, led by Aaron Kong, blazed the lanes to win the gold medal for Malaysia in the Asian Bowling Championships in Abu Dhabi yesterday.
But Malaysia missed striking a double by just 30 pins as the women’s trios were earlier beaten to the gold medal by heavy favourites South Korea.
In the men’s competition, Aaron together with Mohd Syafiq Ridhwan and Mohd Nur Aiman took the lead from the first game to finish with a total of 3,989. The United Arab Emirates’ trios won the silver and bronze medals.
It was the first medal won by the Malaysian men’s bowlers in the championships after drawing blanks in the singles and doubles events. For the women, it was the third silver medal in as many events thus far.
While the seniors in the men’s team gave sizzling performances, the three juniors – Aris Ardila Santosoh, Yusuf Abdul Raof and Kang Bo Long – settled for 25th spot on 3,462 and it underlined the fact that they still have some catching up to do.
Chief coach Holloway Cheah was proud of the achievement of the trio, anchored by Aaron.
“Aaron’s speciality is his ability to rise to the occasion in a major events like this. He did well to keep the team together from the start,” he said.
“South Korea are represented by all the members of their Asian Games gold medal winning team but they settled for fourth and fifth positions.”
Holloway was also pleased that the women’s trios of Zatil Iman Abdul Ghani, Siti Shazwani Ahmad Suhaimi and Jacqueline Sijore kept up their momentum to give Malaysia another silver medal.
They chalked up a total of 3,821 while the Koreans, powered by Asian Games gold medallist Son Yun-hee, emerged as the winners on 3,851.
The other Malaysia trio of Dayang Khairuniza Dhiyana, Siti Safiyah Amirah and Hee Kar Yen finished fifth on 3,659.
On Malaysia’s chances in the team events today, Holloway said that the women, with the bulk from the back-up team, had the better chance.
“The women showed that they have the depth and we hope that they will keep their challenge going. It will be tougher for the men because the juniors in the team still need to work on their game,” he said.

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