Thursday, December 16, 2010

HK to bid for Asian Games

Hong Kong cyclist Lee Wai-sze struck gold at last month's Asian Games in Guangzhou. Photo: Reuters.
The Government has announced that it will proceed with a controversial bid to host the Asian Games in 2023, despite public reservations about the huge cost involved.The Home Affairs Secretary, Tsang Tak-Sing, said most of the concerns raised during a public consultation on the bid coud be addressed, and added that the Government could afford the HK$6 billion bill for hosting the games. Mr Tsang said another HK$30 billion would be spent on building sports facilities to satisfy local demands.
Mr Tsang noted that public support for the bid had surged after Hong Kong's strong showing in the Guangzhou Asian Games last month. He said lawmakers should reflect public wishes, and he is confident that the government's funding request will be endorsed by the Legislative Council.
Mr Tsang said the Games carried intangible benefits, such as stronger community cohesion and the promotion of a healthier lifestyle.

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