Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Barco invigorates the 2010 Asian Games

China - The opening ceremony of the 16th Asian Games was held on Haixinsha Island on 12 November and Barco presented a festival of lights on the water-stage for the occasion. During the 16 days of competition, the Guangzhou Asian Games will feature 42 events.
For the opening ceremony's water theme, the 2000sq.m main stage was covered by water 10cm deep, and four sailing ships, with a total of eight LED velamena, were set around the stage. Barco and BeiAo, one of China's largest event planners and executors, had placed 16 XLM HD30 projectors around the 10,000-person audience area, projecting an array of lights onto the huge water-stage. As the velamena opened under the stunning light, the audience felt as though it was on a huge ship sailing east.
Barco and BeiAo were both pleased with the results of their team effort. The video lighting solutions enable the event to present the Chinese culture in rich, dynamic colors, conveying the Games' positive message and highlighting the Games' theme: Invigorate Asia, Spark the World.
Jiangkang Lu, production manager for the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the 2010 Asian Games, commented, "We are so pleased that we succeeded in creating a huge dynamic image on the stage's water surface for the opening ceremony. It was a miracle. We chose Barco, not only for its outstanding technology and solutions, but also for its excellent video lighting systems, which far surpass others in the field."
Sha Xiaolan, lighting engineer for the opening ceremony, added, "It's the Barco projector that makes the stage so stunning."
(Jim Evans)
The 16th Asian Games opened on 12 November with a spectacular opening ceremony.
(16 November 2010)
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