Wednesday, October 13, 2010

In order to reflect the Asian Games idea LED electricity-saving lamp of green becomes the mainstream

LED lampImage by jiskar via Flickr
In order to reflect the Asian Games idea of green, reveal, will adopt before Organizing Committee of the match is early ” Energy-conserving ordinary soldier of green ” The LED lamp comes to dress up the lamplight result of the unveiling ceremony, the quantity reaches 100,000.
According to the Asian Games Organizing Committee of Guangzhou, in order to further reflect the Asian Games idea of green, will launch led green electricity-saving lamp at unveiling ceremony scene, sea heart sand circumference when the time comes. In addition, Guangzhou urban area will adopt this kind of lamp decoration in a large amount too. According to understanding ten major brands of the lamps and lanterns, the authorities of Guangzhou have already allocated 20 million yuan expenditure in popularization and manipulation which support lde lighting property with one’s hand. At present, the ruins already in a plurality of districts of the whole city of Guangzhou left out backbones one and some lamps and lanterns highway sections realize the reducing energy consumption of about 8000 led street lamps, in intensity of trying to be the first all over the world.
As the fourth generation of new light source, led light has three major strong point: First, energy-conservation, ten major brands of lamp decoration are under rowing the state of a illuminating brightness, led light than simple and plain the intersection of light and well-balanced 40% to 50% more than section, bank up with earth, build, shield expenditure to be low later stage; Second, environmental protection, this light does not include and spread all over mercury, lead,etc. harmless energy and harmless gas that simple and plain electricity-saving lamps sold includes on the market at present; Third, have long performance life, well-balanced life time is reachable 50,000 to 100,000 hours, it is the energy-conserving lamps and lanterns of 100,000 of green that make 3 to 5 times of the simple and plain lamps and lanterns of Asian Games of Guangzhou colorful.
In this, before the Asian Games unveils, Guangzhou will realize the reducing energy consumption of 40,000 existing street lamps, in addition, batch new clothes, led street lamp of the whole city will go beyond 50,000.

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