Wednesday, October 20, 2010

118 King Long XMQ6106G buses to serve Guangzhou Asian Games

King Long XMQ6106G bus ( File Photo)
The purchased amount of disabled-friendly vehicles for the Guangzhou Asian Games 2010 was 236 and Xiamen King Long United Automotive Industry Co., Ltd. has won an order for 118 King Long XMQ6106G buses, Xiamen Economic Daily reported on Oct 19th.
The batch of disabled-friendly vehicles including 500 buses and 100 taxis is to be launched in a bid to guarantee the smooth transportation for the Guangzhou Asian Games, which is to be held from Nov 12th to Nov 27th this year.
The King Long XMQ6106G bus was officially put into market in 2009 and awarded the CIBC energy conservation & environmental protection bus at China international passenger car contest held in Feb, 2009. It is in accordance with the low-carbon theme advocated by the Guangzhou Asian Games. From its appearance, the King Long XMQ6106G bus looks quite the same as other ordinary buses, but it features a unique design for the disabled.
This batch of King Long XMQ6106G bus will be delivered to Guangzhou City No.2 Bus Company and Guangzhou City No.3 Bus Company by the end of Oct.

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