Wednesday, August 4, 2010

FIFA’s takes late penalty shot

The two finalists in the 2010 South African World Cup have reportedly received a belated penalty from the international football governing body, FIFA. Reports said that FIFA has decided to carry out the penalty and book Holland (actually the Netherlands, as Holland is merely a county in The Netherlands) and Spain for abusing the fair play rules of the world cup.
During the world cup trophy match on July 11, 2010 at Johannesburg’s Soccer Stadium, Holland collected 8 yellow cards and one red card, while Spain collected merely 5 (the most ever collected during the history of the world cup final, exceeding the 1986 Argentina-Germany world cup final where foul play caused the referee to dash out six yellow cards).
Nevertheless based on FIFA rules any Federation playing for an international that collects 5 or more yellow cards will be financially penalised. Holland will have to cough up lunch-money of some EUR 10,000 while Spain will have to do without tuck-money of some EUR 7,000.
At the same time the whole world is laughing at FIFA as many of the players can virtually get away with murder (like when Holland midfielder intentionally literally kung-fu kicked Spain’s Xabi Alonso and all he got was a yellow card warning) during the internationals as the fair play flag and clause of FIFA is more of a mock-tribunal than a deterring factor.
The international audience has sarcastically suggested that FIFA rename the game as an increasing number of hand goals are being scored and saved by non-goal keepers, while the perpetrators get away scot-free and actually praised as national heroes. Based on spectator votes FIFA ranked the Holland-Spanish final of 2010, the worst ever behaviour in a match in the history of the football tournament.

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