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Promote networking of wireless city group in Guangdong landing flowering – wireless city networks – Security Industry

If government support, cross-boundary information integration, cross-Guangdong co-operation is to create "wireless city group" prerequisite allowed beginning to appear, then, fixed and mobile networks and use a variety of cultural fusion different applications interact with the main information tool is crafted in polished them, the "wireless city group" is even more interesting.
Across the network: "National highway, high speed, light rail," simultaneously

"Omnipresent, omnipotent, nothing is some wisdom Cities," the long-term goals of access, terminal, application put forward higher requirements, but the end result of these requirements is the basis for network construction. Thus, the network construction by China Mobile Guangdong Company Put forward a "2G + TD + WLAN" build three-dimensional coverage wireless city, which 2G and 3G networks simultaneously, the fixed network and mobile network models are complementary figuratively as "National Highway + speed + light."
China Mobile Guangdong full speed to advance WLAN networks. "Wireless city group" one of the cities of Zhuhai, the pilot had completed 184 The construction of WLAN hotspots, and priority in the construction process of government, universities and other hot spots, all the universities in key areas to achieve 100% coverage. At present, Guangdong Province, launched a total of more than 3200 WLAN hotspots and achieve urban hot spots such as government, universities, Hotels , Shopping malls, business hall of the high-speed wireless network coverage.
"Wireless city group" with the construction of Hai Ba independent intellectual property rights of the TD state building another step forward. China Mobile Guangdong TD 2009, construction of more than 6000 base stations in Guangzhou, Shenzhen city have realized the depth of coverage, and the Asian Games held in the Pearl River Delta co-host city to achieve full coverage in 21 cities to achieve hotspot. China Mobile Guangdong active cooperation with the Shenzhen municipal government to build more than 100 3G public information service points; Zhuhai, TD has achieved "wireless city" demonstration zone coverage, by the end of December 2009 the urban hot spots throughout the region to achieve full coverage .
Network building to bring the application to upgrade. "Wireless Emergency Command and Control" system is based on this network model, through a fixed Monitor , Mobile surveillance, mobile phone remote viewing, video conference systems, messaging platforms, modules, TD network through remote monitoring, remote view. It broke through in the past only in fixed installation Camera , And then return the image data designated emergency command center to the traditional model, improved efficiency and response.
Cross the main: "MATTERS dialogue" widely used

Both the open era of government management of mobile high-performance Electronic Government, or to help reducing cost and increasing the information Societe Generale, or to bring convenience to the public the number of people's livelihood, are in for the people, between people and objects and efficient "dialogue" to work, however, "wireless city group" Some more than these, it also let the main body of information across applications interact, let "the thing things dialogue" widely used. Tung Wah Hospital in Dongguan City
monitoring platform, the reporter saw several doctors are under the on-screen data and the waveform in time for the patient to send medical recommendation, which is Mobile health monitoring system. The system specifically for sub-health, chronic disease, sudden illness in the elderly population, they have to do through the palm-sized device can be measured anywhere ECG, heart rate, pulse, blood oxygen, respiration, blood pressure, body temperature and other basic life signs and realize their diseases and health risks of early detection and early treatment. About application performance and development prospects, East Hospital, a doctor said: "Many patients have a good effect on the use of feedback, the system can effectively improve our quality of medical services and health care level, the price patients can also affordable range. With the country's aging population and chronic diseases increased, the system will have a very broad Market . "This is only" MediLink "in one example, it includes a new mobile e-health systems, health and other medical information on small butler service, to enable patients to" care at home, a minor illness into the community, serious illness to the hospital, recovering back to the community. "
Information Technology Not only for the community to become "intelligent health management base", includes the RF-SIM card and mobile smart home systems, "Mobile Intelligent Community", but also to ensure that the home life of safety and convenience. In Shenzhen, "Zhonghaikangcheng" district, residents of carrying with RF-SIM card mobile phone, you can achieve community access control access, parking, pool, gym, clubhouse and surrounding facilities of a card consumption. Smart Home System integrates mobile communication, security, home appliances control technologies, and combine with the cell phone, to achieve home security, wireless intercom, the property of communication, intelligent control, home entertainment and other functions.
Equally concerned about the livelihood of the people "animals back" system is a communications network with the Internet of things, a typical Internet application integration. Using Mobile Intelligent Terminal reported after the birth of each animal immunization, quarantine, and flow of information, to submit this information to the data center via GPRS, the user via SMS, landline telephone, etc., check the type of product, origin, livestock owners, species of livestock use, and quarantine time, quarantine workers, mobility and other related information, animal product quality and safety umbrella.
This "MATTERS dialogue" example of the "wireless city group" there are many applications, such as China's first mobile phone to pay subway fare of "mobile phone is the ticket" convenience of mobile micro-payment "Mobile multi-disabilities", "village affairs through" business to help aquaculture farmers in water quality monitoring system, I believe the application with the Internet of things and the "wireless city group" of construction will promote the common prosperity of each other.

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