Thursday, July 1, 2010

IOA, sports ministry differ on Asiad bid

The Indian Olympic Association (IOA) and the Sports Ministry don’t seem to be on the same page when it comes to hosting of the 2019 Asian Games. The difference has seen the IOA submitting the bid to the Olympic Council of Asia on Wednesday without government approval. Intriguingly, officials in the IOA and Sports Ministry are refusing to go record on the issue.
“The IOA has filed its bid application yesterday itself, which was the last day. However, the government guarantee is yet to come, and if it comes possibly within a week, it wil help India’s case,” an IOA source told The Indian Express, but admitted that government guarantee was a must if India had any hope of getting the hosting rights.
Ministry says the bid proposal received from the IOA wasn’t proper. “There were several things missing. The IOA general body has to pass a resolution approving the bid. The host city needs to be on board for the entire process. There has to be a proper, complete estimate and a plan on how to go about the hosting. It cannot simply be a document they send and seek approval,” said an official.

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