Monday, July 19, 2010

IOA determined to bid for Asian Games 2018

NEW DELHI: The Indian Olympic Association is still determined to bid for the 2018 Asian Games, and is re-submitting all the documents that it had already given the Sports Ministry.
“Everything had been given to them (the ministry) in a 214-page document, and there is nothing new to add. This is just plain ego problems that is plaguing Indian sports,” a senior IOA official told SportzPower.
The source confirmed that the IOA will now confront the senor official of the ministry and see to it that the letter of guarantee is signed and sent to the Games authorities. “The letter issued by the Sports Ministry (on 7 July) is plain stupid and full of misinformation,” the source said.
We had sent them the fixed format of the guarantee document. This cannot be changed in any manner, as all Olympic sports events have clearly defined forms and formats.
Interestingly, asked whether this means that the hopes are still alive of India going for the bid, the official said, “as long as we are there we shall see to it that that happens’.
He also assured that with the kind of money IOA has in its kitty, “without asking for a single penny from the government”, and for the offer it will make, India is sure to win the bid.
“We have sent all the documents to the Games authorities, fulfilling all the conditionalities, and just the government guarantee letter has to be sent to them,” the official said, giving a hint of the goings on in the sidelines.
“Don’t worry, we shall get this done,” the official said.
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