Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hurt Kaushik vows not to come back as women's coach

Olympian M.K. Kaushik Wednesday resigned as the national women's hockey coach, stating that he would not like to continue even if the inquiry committee set up by Hockey India exonerates him of the charges of sexual harassment levelled against him by a player.
Maintaining that player Ranjithan Devi's allegations were baseless and he is confident of coming clean from the inquiry, Kaushik said he would like to work with players who have signed in support of their teammate in a show of solidarity.
'How can I work with players in an atmosphere of antagonism when they have doubted my character. I find it hard to believe that these players have also signed the letter,' said Kaushik. 'I don't think that all the players would have signed, they could have been forced.
'I am innocent. The allegations are baseless. I am hurt, my image is damaged. I have worked with all sincerity. I will think about my future only when my name is cleared. 'I will not come back as women's coach even if exonerated, but my association with the game will continue.'
Asked what could have prompted the players to rise in revolt against him, Kaushik said: 'Go and ask the players, why they have done so? She (Ranjitha Devi) might have done it out of frustration. Look at her performance from the World Cup onwards. I don't think she deserves a place on merit. The others are better. I have always maintained that those players who will play to their full potential will remain in the team. Your performance will ultimately be counted and help in cementing your place in the side.'
Kaushik said he worked very hard to bring this team to a level where it can win a medal at the commonwealth Games and the Asian Champions Trophy.
'I have nourished the talented bunch and they have been performing well. If the team does well in the upoming international events, I will feel motivated enough to stay in touch with the game,' said Kaushik.
Kaushik, whose contract was to expire in November after the Asian Games in China, said that during his 20-year stint with the women's team none had pointed a finger towards his integrity.
'My players have always treated me like a father-figure. It's difficult to understand what prompted them to come out with such false charges against me. This is a big-time conspiracy against me with many hands behind it. Those who failed to earn a place in the national team have come out with such a cheap act,' Kaushik said.
HI also sacked the videographer M. Basavaraja after photographs of him with a prostitute, during an overseas tour, surfaced in the media.

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