Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Family Talent Show of Asian Games to kick off in Zhongshan

Family Talent Show which is hosted by the Organizing Committee of Asian Games to inspire Guangdong residents to “embrace Asian Games and display family talents” is open for application now. Mass selection, semi-final and final will be held in Zhongshan from July 24th to Sept. 24th. Three winners in the final will be trained by experts to participate in the final of Guangdong province on behalf of Zhongshan in October.

The application accepts a family with no more than five members, applicable to any family living in Zhongshan,or from any other city or provinces, even abroad.

According to the organizing committee, each family should display their talents in 5-8 minutes by performing songs, dramas, dances, acrobatics, martial arts, comic skits, magic tricks and fashion show, etc. in the qualification competition.

Application for this Talent Show is very easy. You can go to the Publicity and Culture Centers in respective townships or Zhongshan Women’s Federation for application forms and take part in local audition, or log on www.zsnews.cn to apply online, or go directly to the organizing committee for application. The deadline for application is July 20th.
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