Monday, July 19, 2010

AIBA head assures fair play in int’l events

DR. Ching-Kuo Wu, the Taiwanese president of the International Amateur Boxing Association, has encouraged the Amateur Boxing Association of the Philippines to hold more tournaments in the country to boost the chances of local boxers to win an Olympic gold medal.
Interviewed last Sunday during the finals of the inaugural MVP International Boxing Friendship Cup at the PICC, Wu promised to provide "as much support as we can" while stressing the AIBA will assure fair play in international tournaments, including the Guangzhou Asian Games in November and London Olympics in 2012.
"As (AIBA) president, I guarantee that tournaments will be clean and transparent," said Wu, who visited the country as ABAP guest.
The soft-spoken Wu, who was elected to replace long-time AIBA president Anwar Chowdhry of Pakistan in 2006, has started to cleanse the ranks of the much-maligned world body, having suspended three vice presidents, a secretary-general, and other high-ranking officials that he said were involved in shenanigans.
An architect by profession, Wu said various reforms are being implemented in the world body to curb corruption and mismanagement that have plagued the AIBA for years. Wu added lobbying for medals will no longer be an option under his term, adding even Taiwanese boxers will have to win fair and square.
"No more anarchy, just fair play. Hopefully (for) your country, if the boxers are hard working, maybe you will also have a fair chance in London. But the only secret is practice-practice, and training-training," said Wu.
"But if they lose, they (should) know it is the result of fair judgment, no intentional mistakes. Maybe we can accept natural mistakes, but never cheating and corruption. Under my presidency, nobody will dare try to get an undue advantage. They have to follow the rules, and respect the code of ethics and discipline, as well as the values of the Olympic spirit," added Wu.
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