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Hangeng is surprised by Asian Games songs’ high ratings

Baidu Entertainment Reports Today, Hangeng came forward to Xian Shen Company to accept the Live Entertainment(娱乐现场) interview, and when the topic was on his collaboration with Zhou Bi Chang to sing the theme song of Wang Lao Ji Games 《亚运有我精彩之吉》, Hangeng with regards to the song having topped three music charts, is surprised at how it has created a record of being the song that is the fastest at topping the music charts, and even joked, “The entire nation has heard this song.”

Hangeng is shocked at how the newest single has made a record in being listened for over a million times

With the Asian Games committee collaboration with Wang Lao Ji, ever since the song that Zhou Bi Chang and Hangeng came together to sing 《亚运有我精彩之吉》entered the music charts, the results have soared to its peak, not only did the song top various music sites and radio charts, it has successfully taken up the top spots on thirty prestigious music charts, (the song) is also 2nd on 270 different radio charts, and thus the unprecedented rise in has thus made a record in the Chinese music scene.

When Hangeng knew about the outstanding results that the song received when he came for the Live Entertainment interview, he said that frankly, the astonishing results were beyond his expectations. And when the interviewer asked him to guess the number of views on online sites, Hangeng estimated the value to be nearing a million, but it is still too humble (refer to his estimated value), and when under the interviewer’s prompt, Hangeng could not believe that it has reach over a million, and with regards to this astonishing number of views, Hangeng exclaimed, “This is too shocking, that is a lot of views, it never came across my mind to be such great a number, never thought that the feedback would be so great, it has gone over a million, (it must be that) the entire nation has heard this song.”

Anticipating 《亚运有我精彩之吉》 to have even better results 

Even though this song has “the glory of amazing results”, but when Hangeng was interviewed, he was “greedy” to say that this song would achieve even better results. Hangeng admitted that for this song to get such good results, it’s because everyone were focused on the Asian Games, that’s why the song had such good results, and said that more and more people are focusing on the Asian Games, and he hopes that all the Chinese juniors would be able to hear this song, and hopes that more people would be concerned about the Asian Games, and cheer for the Asian Games.

When Hangeng accepted the Live Entertainment interview he also revealed that, “This is the first time collaborating with Bi Chang, and the results are so good, maybe our teamwork would bring about good luck, haha! I hope that this song would bring about even better results, I believe that BiBI would too.” In addition, Hangeng also revealed that recently working with Bi Chang he hopes to have more of such collaborations with her, and he also revealed that although his own and Bi Chang’s schedule are already full, but they hope to take out time to sing together more often to help promote Asian Games. Hangeng said that he hopes that through Live Entertainment’s influence, and the promotion of 《亚运有我精彩之吉》, would call for more attention from the Chinese people. And he calls out to everyone to participate in “Million Cheer for Asia Games”, and together as 1.3 billion people to cheer for the Asian Games, for more queries please visit Million Cheer for Asia Games's official website. For the Asian Games, there are pictures on the official website, and you can compete for the Asian Games with 1000 stars. If you participate in Wang Lao Ji’s “罐齐欢呼 开罐赢亚运" you can win cans, and even stand a chance to join the Asian Games for free, and cheer for the Asian Games together.

Image : Hangeng at the interview

Photographer/Wang Zhong Yan

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