Monday, June 28, 2010

The establishment of the East Asian Games delegation headed by Duan Shijie

The morning of September 28 Beijing time, the State General Administration of Sport in Beijing held a press conference to announce the fourth East Asian Games delegation of China was founded. Attending the East Asian Games Chinese sports delegation, composed of 567, East Asian Games in China to participate in the largest number ever in history. Duan Shijie, deputy director of the State Sports General Administration Peng.
News conference, Assistant Secretary for the State Sports General Administration, the delegation Cui Dalin, deputy head of the delegation first introduced the composition.
Said Cui Dalin, China's delegation, 567 of whom have been identified for the 399 athletes (205 male athletes, female athletes 194), 94 of them have represented the country in an Olympic competition , which also includes Wang Yifu, Liu Xiang, the Athens Olympic champions such as 11.
My delegation will participate in addition to the current East Asian Games karate outside of the 16 major items, 206 events of the game.
Has identified 399 athletes, from 29 Provinces and the People's Liberation Army and theengine in the SF. The whole group was 23.86 years average age of players, the oldest was 46 years old and the youngest is 13 years old
Delegation of 16 minority athletes, from the Hui, Mongolian, Tujia, Zhuang, Korean, Dong, Miao, Uygur and other 8 nation.
The fourth East Asian Games will be held October 29 to November 6, held in Macau in China, this competition consists of 17 major items of the 235 small items. One major items of 11 Olympic Games, a total of 68 small items.
Deputy Secretary General Administration of Sport, and the Secretary-General Xiao Tian, deputy head of the delegation in his speech that the current East Asian Games held in Macao to the motherland after the first major international regional comprehensive sports, is also the representative of China Sports group in 2004 after the Athens Olympic Games performance advantage, in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games cycle for the first time to participate in international competitions comprehensive. Therefore, we participate in the current East Asian Games has a more special meaning, shouldering the local operations play well and exercise the 2008 Olympic Games players two major tasks.
Xiao Tian said that the State Sports General Administration attaches great importance to the current tour and the East Asian Games competition work, to ensure the realization of objectives of the current East Asian Games competition, the State Administration to take four measures: First, in order to prepare 2008 Olympic Games training young players, second, to urge the team to actively adjust the athlete's competitive status, three enhanced delegation of organizational management, four, to strengthen anti-doping education.
Press conference by the National Publicity Secretary, General Administration of Sport hosted Zhang Haifeng, the State Sports General Administration and Outreach Division Gu Yaoming, deputy director of competition body, the delegation, Deputy Secretary-General National Team participated in the press conference.
Attended the press conference were representatives of the project center and all newsmedia in Beijing.

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